Why You Should Go See Live Music

You can listen to an mp3 any time.  (If you’re cool, you can listen to vinyl any time.)  Live music is a special occasion, and you will enjoy it that much more.

With live music you get a visual.  You can see how the musician interacts with the instrument and how the group interacts.  You can see what happens when the stakes are high, because in live music it’s one take with no overdubs.  Musicians make choices and take risks in a live show different from what they do in the studio.  You will understand that the performers are flawed humans and why that makes the performance better.

People are willing to do this for you.  If you are a musician, the performers will get to know you and appreciate that you are showing respect for what they do.  They will interact with you and make you a part of the show.  If you are a musician, listening is the second best way to learn and the best way to network.

Take your children to see live music (at an appropriate venue).  They can observe what music is and how it is made.  The younger ones at least will be far more excited by a real person smiling at them than by a video on a handheld device.  You’ll be able to see what they respond to, which instruments and which genres.  They can speak with actual musicians after the show (or at the break).  This is how musicians get started.

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