Never turn down a gig

Mom and I went to see Joe Gransden‘s Big Band at Cafe 290 last night.  It’s an honest-to-Miller 16-piece with standard vocalists and soloists.

Joe introduced the band, one of whom—-I’m getting ahead of myself.  Years ago, Joe got a call from someone who wanted him to put together a horn section and do a gig at the Fox.  He turned it down but gave them another name.  That guy put together the section, did the gig, went on the road with the artist, and Sunday evening accepted a Grammy.

These days Joe plays Cafe 290 and Spivey Hall, but I like to think he got his start playing Carvel ice cream shops, Korean bakeries and the Time-Travellers’ Ball.  Bet he never did Shakespeare as a trumpet gig, though.

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