If I Could Be A Bell

A formative influence on my playing was a single performance at a Methodist church somewhere in the late 70s.  A fellow named Hal Lovvorn played a trumpet obliggato in, if I remember correctly, only one song at the end of a long youth choir program.

It was gorgeous.  It sounded like a handbell, a bowl of still water, and a silver mirror blended together.  We had a recording of it on reel-to-reel, so I can say it isn’t just a kid’s lens-flare memory.

I spent years trying to sound like that, not realizing until later that there is a wonderful effect in a church called reverb.  At any rate, I did my best to become a tone player, but nowadays I don’t play every day and I’ve lost a bit of it.

Still, it’s good to remember that every single performance could be the one that inspires someone.

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