Piano Year One

I realized recently that if someone asked me to play the Moonlight Sonata, I couldn’t do it. I’m hardly a concert pianist, but I ought to be able to do the early canon. I went to mutopia.org to get some sheet music, and I went to my local music store for some others.
Actually, that’s inaccurate. I went to several music stores before I found one that had a selection of sheet music other than some school books. It’s becoming a lost business, apparently.
Anyway, I’ve been pleased at how easily it’s come back. I read better than I thought I would. On trumpet, I can sightread pretty much anything I need to, but that’s one note at a time…
In high school, I’d get home and go straight to the piano. I’d play until the world was set right–sometimes two songs, sometimes two hours. I still have the same piano, and it still puts the world right.

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